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Shooting stationary targets doesn't adequately train you for realistic tactical scenarios and gets old fast.

Robotarget is the ultimate solution for your tactical training.

Robotarget S is an enhanced version of Robotarget, equipped with a more powerful motor (50% more) and gears to provide higher torque (Rated torque increased by 50% and peak torque increased by 250%), double battery capacity for double running time.

Robotarget is designed for use at anytime and anywhere. Its four movement modes, Pop-up, Rotate, Swing and Hostage, provide adequate scenarios to meet your tactical training needs. Each movement mode is programmed with 4 intelligent control modes: Manual(needs a remote controller), Auto, Random and Hit react. You can easily adjust various parameters such as the operating cycle, start time, and single cycle duration of the intelligent mode to improve your training skill at different levels.

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